What to do to prevent dog hair from falling out?

What to do to prevent dog hair from falling out?

Naturally, hairy animals like dogs and cats get a little bit of hair all day long. But a lot of the time the dog's hair falls out abnormally. Then it is important to diagnose the exact cause of hair loss and solve it.

Causes of hair loss:

Ing Ringworm, Flea and other parasites cause abnormal itching and

What to do to prevent dog hair from falling out?

hair loss.

• Seasonal allergies can occur as many dogs lose their hair in winter. When the skin becomes dry in winter, it causes many types of skin problems.

• Food allergies can occur from different foods. Not all dogs you can tolerates all foods.

• Different Grooming products such as - Shampoo, powder, spray etc. Not all dogs can tolerate. Due to this body hair falls out.

Due to changes in eating habits and attacks of bacteria and fungi.

 Lack of proper nutrition leads to hair loss.

What to do to prevent hair loss:

Uses some natural things like-

1. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar should be mixed with equal amount of water and applied on the affected area with cotton. But be careful not to get in the eye. Then it is allowed to dry. When dry, it should be washed with water. Mix 2 drops with food and eat it. It acts as an anti-bacterial and enhances immunity.


3. Olive oil: Apply 2 tablespoons of olive oil on the dog. It relieves itching, burns and lice.

4. Lemon juice: A little lemon should be soaked in hot water for 5 hours. When it is cold, it should be applied on the affected area.

• Natural and allergy free shampoo, powder, spray should be used.

• If it is from any food then he has to change the food and give other food.

Dogs need to be taken care of separately in winter.

• Dogs should be regularly dewormed and groomed to keep worms and fleas free.

if Keep the dog's living area cool and dry. Dogs should not be allowed in confined, hot and humid places.

food Eat foods rich in vitamins D and E, nutritious foods and the right amount of food.

treatment Vet's advice is to take medicine and apply ointment.


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