Ways to travel safely with cats

Ways to travel safely with cats?

Many times you need to move your cat from one place to another. But it is not safe to take the cat out openly because the cat is a little scared because of its timid nature. So if he hears a loud noise or for any other reason, he should be careful not to get scared. Here are some ways to get your cat out safely:

1) The cat should b

Ways to travel safely with cats

e carried in a comfortable plastic or cane basket.

2) A soft cloth must be spread under the basket so that the cat does not get hurt.

3) The basket should be bigger than the cat so that the cat can move well.

4) There must be holes for light ventilation so that it is not difficult to breathe.

5) If you are driving a car and you have someone else with you, then you have to spread a towel on his lap and put the cat.

6) If it is in the basket, then the basket should be fastened well with the seatbelt so that it does not get shaken.

7) Talk to the cat from time to time and caress so that he can feel your presence and calm.

6) The cat sleeps comfortably in the swing of the car, so it is necessary to make good arrangements for his sleep.

9) Cat restraint belt or cat leash is available to buy. If necessary, the cat should be tied with it.

10) In the middle of the trip, the cat should be given time to eat and toilet.

11) Must take dry cat food and water.

Although not all cats enjoy traveling, some cats do enjoy traveling. So you must take proper care of the cat while traveling or an accident may happen.


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